Thoughts on Carson

I’m currently reading D. A. Carson’s „Christ and Culture Revisited”. I must say I am impressed with the clarity of his writing, with his irenic yet firm style of engaging opposing views. I reckon he is charitable in representing views with which he disagrees. He has a surgical precision in exposing inconsistencies, unmasking straw men. He also manifests a commendable dogged determination to bring theological thought toward an increased faithfulness to Scripture.

I appreciate his laudably balanced treatment of Niebuhr’s Christ and culture models and I agree with his conclusion that biblical theology and the great turning points of redemptive history constitute the best framework for discerning the best possible outlook of and engagement with culture from a Christian perspective at specific times and places.

When it comes to postmodernism I am inclined to agree with Carson’s insistence on epistemology. Although he has been chided (especially after his “Becoming conversant with the emerging church”) for almost reducing postmodernism to its epistemology, I agree that its epistemological basis is fundamental, and therefore postmodernism must be engaged primarily at this level.

His critique of Jamie K. Smith’s “Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?” is poignant, and I think, fair.

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