My (wild) wish list

Don’t know exactly why I’m posting this here. Who knows, maybe some generous readers may pick up on some of the (wild) wishes. If not, I guess I’ll just continue to wait until the wishes either fade away,  turn from wild to tame, or… materialize (wouldn’t that be great?) Having just listened to the magnificent Magnificent piece by U2, from their latest album, I wanna go to a U2 concert, here in Belfast. Although Dublin is just as fine.


Then, let’s see…

– a DLSR. Canon or Nikon. Preferably Nikon. Anything above D40.. D60 and even D90 (wildly wild wish!)

– an iPhone (white is class, but too vulnerable to scratches)

– an iMac (the new one, of course, 21.5 inch is just fine)

– a 500GB internal laptop HDD to swap with my current 200 one

– the ultimate chinese and japanese cookbooks

– a monthly allowance for books, only for books. (I will need to build my library, here in Belfast, in the following 4 years, won’t I?)

– a drum set!!! Pearl, Tama, DW, Sonor models will do.

– Julia Child – “Mastering the art of french cooking” 😛


Funny how I started off thinking this was going to be long. Apparently it isn’t (so far). But don’t try to add up the prices. You’ll be as scared as I was. Yeah, I admit i am tech savvy, very savvy. I love devices. All sorts of devices. The clever the better.

But for now this remains an (editable, and wild) wish list. Do feel free to contribute. No, not with more wishes. I’ll take care of that… 😉


2 gânduri despre „My (wild) wish list

  1. thumbelina spune:

    your wishes come right after job’s drama….
    ain’t that funny…:)

  2. Camix spune:

    a DSLR for sure! Canon! 😀
    (but you know what they say… Everyone has their own wishes in mind. And I’m not part of the exceptions 🙂 ).

    Ool ză best!

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