Extreme shepherding

I wonder how the youtube below might be ’translated’ in theological/eclessiological terms? 🙂
What do you think? Unleash your sanctified theological imagination and enjoy…

Shall we say this is a metaphor for the technologically savvy church or, more accurately, pastor(s)? Shall we say this is a metaphor for seeker-sensitive showy, spectacular (and, forgive my barbarism, spectatorial) church? I refrain from proposing a ’translation’ regarding the manipulated flock, the dogs, but feel free to imagine critically-constructive. 🙂
What shall we say of the marvelous achievement of portraying Mona Lisa? Come on, you must have some theology to read into that…
I could come up with more of such ’translations’, but this is just a wee bit to get you going. Now, go on!


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