The journey from the Renaissance to the postmodern man

Here’s a humorous yet sobering Ravi Zacharias illustration from part 1 of his message entitled „Engaging Culture with Conversations that Count”:

„Two Australian sailors who had arrived in London went into a bar that night, and drank themselves rather silly.  Walked out of that bar room uneasy on their feet and walked into a dense English fog.  Unable to find out where they were, wobbling on their feet, they wanted to get some directions when they saw a man coming in.  Unknown to them was a highly decorated English Naval officer with medals on his chest and so on. But these two Aussies, now silly drunk, walked out, looked towards him and said: “Say ‘ya bloke, can you tell us where we are?”  And the naval officer, rather offended, said, “Do you know men know who I am?” At which point one Aussie said to the other, “We are really in a mess now.  We don’t know where we are and he doesn’t know who he is.”  – That is the journey from the Renaissance to the postmodern man.”


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