David Bentley Hart’s new book

I gladly announce David Bentley Hart’s new book, ”Atheist Delusions. The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies” that John Milbank says will leave the New Atheists with no other option than to “repent and rejoice at the discreditation of their erstwhile selves.” The commendations below hint at a momentous book of great erudition, one couldn’t have expected otherwise from Hart, that will strike a powerful blow to the New Atheist’s already sinking boat. The book is published by Yale University Press and will be out, well, Monday, 30th of March.

“With impressive erudition and polemical panache, David Hart smites hip and thigh the peddlers of a ‘new atheism’ that recycles hoary arguments from the past. His grim assessment of our cultural moment challenges the hope that ‘the Christian revolution’ could happen again.”—Richard John Neuhaus, former editor in chief of First Things

“Provoked by and responding to the standard-bearers of ‘the New Atheism’, this original and intellectually impressive work deftly demolishes their mythical account of ‘the rise of modernity.’ Hart argues instead that the genuinely humane values of modernity have their historic roots in Christianity.”—Geoffrey Wainwright, Duke Divinity School

„In this learned, provocative, and sophisticated book, Hart presents a frontal challenge to today’s myopic caricature of the culture and religion that existed in previous centuries.”—Robert Louis Wilken, University of Virginia

“Surely Dawkins, Hitchens et al would never have dared put pen to paper had they known of the existence of David Bentley Hart. After this demolition-job all that is left for them to do is repent and rejoice at the discreditation of their erstwhile selves.”—John Milbank, author of Radical Orthodoxy: A New Theology

“A devastating dissection of the ‘new atheism,’ a timely reminder of the fact that ‘no Christianity’ would have meant ‘no West,’ and a rousing good read. David Hart is one of America’s sharpest minds, and this is Hart in full, all guns firing and the band playing on the deck.”—George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington


3 gânduri despre „David Bentley Hart’s new book

  1. Emil Bartos spune:

    Hi Natan,

    I just bought the book. Thanks for guidance.


  2. natanm spune:

    Daca sunteti in tara, v-as fi foarte recunoscator daca o sa mi-o puteti imprumuta si mie pentru vreo 3-4 zile. Marti seara am sosit in Arad si stau pana in 21 aprilie. Let me know!

  3. Emil Bartos spune:

    Sunt inca in State, sosesc miercuri, deci e cam tarziu sa ti-o imprumut. Sorry!

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