Stories of emergence

I’m currently reading through some of the „stories of emergence” Mike Yaconelli has generally edited in order to get a feel for the emerging conversation, to experience and, if only for a brief period, join the community so keen on authenticity so I can understand these guys before I start accusing them of, say, having bought into postmodernism (like that wouldn’t beg a thousand nuances and qualifications) and having sacrificed evangelical convictions (like that wouldn’t beg a thousand nuances as well).

I’ve particularly enjoyed Todd Hunter’s section titled „Entering the conversation”. Fresh, hip, like everyone else in the conversation, but, rather surprisingly, quite balanced. You’ll find a compelling albeit repetitive apology for story (necessarily and stubbornly opposed to proposition) and a stimulating resolution Hunter has written to help him „stay in a storied posture” (p. 49). Read it below and subscribe…

„I am going to apprentice myself to Jesus in order to learn to live in Ultimate Reality, the Ultimate Story – God and his kingdom. I intend  to learn to do what Jesus did and say the things he said in his loving, confident, peaceful manner. I intend to be with him as his apprentice (through the Holy Spirit) doing the necessary and appropriate things (disciplines, means of grace) for apprehending this new kind of life. I do this for the sake of God, to work with him as he extends the benevolent rule and reign of his kingdom to others. I do not do this to earn or merit anything; it is my simple, but passionate (pearl of great price and treasure in the field), cooperation.”


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