Carl F. H. Henry on Evangelicalism

„If evangelical Christians do not join heart to heart, will to will and mind to mind across their multitudinous fences, and do not deeped their loyalties to the Risen lord of the Church, they may well become – by the year 2000 – a wilderness cult in a secular society with no more public significance than the ancient Essenes in their Dead Sea caves.” (Evengelicals at the Brink of Crisis, Word, Waco, Texas, 1967, pp. 10-11)

A sobering, prophetic word. Can someone deny he was at least partly right? The „fences” Henry was speaking of in 1967 may be now even more „multitudinous” than then. While some  (read: fundamentalists) have turned into austere members of a „wilderness cult” whose mode of dealing with the barren secular society has been primarily resistance and trenchant opposition, some have surely abandoned their darkened, essenic caves running frantically and irresponsibly towards secularism’s chimerical oases.


2 gânduri despre „Carl F. H. Henry on Evangelicalism

  1. Emil Bartos spune:


    Excellent quote and lovely comments. I am often reading your blog. I had a good time with your dad yesterday. EB

  2. natanm spune:

    Dear Emil Bartos, thank you for both this and your previous encouragement (de data aceea cu ocazia congresului uniunii :). acum, cu ocazia conferintei. exista vreo legatura? 🙂 )
    Thanks for reading! Dad also mentioned he had a good time chatting with you. I’ll send your greetings to Stephen Williams.

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