Read below a 2004 piece of writing with an unusual apocalyptic tone and a kierkegaardian solution. I haven’t edited the text in any way for the present post. It obviously requires a good number of qualifications. But in this form it at least captures the grim diagnose and the radical solution which I invite you to expand on, qualify or contradict. How would you (re)write this fiery apocalyptic reflection as 2008 draws to an end?

We will ultimately need a mad-like, quasi-pathological, iron made, extreme, stubborn faith to survive and not utterly lose ourselves in this thoroughly degrading and collapsing world. The heavy dust clouds and noisy iron structures collapsing in the 9/11 events are but a faint image of what is currently happening in our shaky world, where once majestic and enduring moral edifices stood, now dust and rust lay post-apocalyptically silent.

A symbolic collapse

A symbolic collapse

The major difference between the collapsing of the world trade towers and the collapsing of the world’s core pillars is that 9/11 had people screaming off the sidewalks, crowds gasping in utter despair, tears rushing on people’s cheeks, when the progressive crumbling of today’s world provokes little emotion, scarce tears, but a perverse and inexplicable increase in idiotic entertainment, filthy laughter, and anarchic living.


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