Romanian Munch and Movie

Aux right? It’s been a while. Indeed it has. I have had time to get back home and spend some quality time with Family, Friends and, most importantly…why dont you guess the third „F” (we love french 😉 )

Below you have the quirky invitation poster to an authentic romanian evenining me and the other two members of the Romanian Trio have planned for next Tuesday at the IBC. Since Irish Baptist College is a veritable multinational environment, with students from Canada, England, Korea, India and, of course, Northern Ireland, the three Romanians thought about throwing somewhat of a Romanian party, that includes a sumptuous 4 course meal followed by a…Russian movie with numerous christian themes and overtones that will prompt fertile discussion on eastern orthodox spirituality in a Romanian context. You are all invited! 🙂

Romanian Munch and Movie

Ia ziceţi, fraţilor, nu vă lasă gura apă?


5 gânduri despre „Romanian Munch and Movie

  1. Erunestian spune:

    Wow, I’d like to take part, but especially for the film, the discussion, the quality fun, the IBC-approved drinks and the food… I’d like some crepes…

    This seems like a great idea and it really needs a lot of dedication… 😉 Very…nice

  2. natanm spune:

    Behind that elfish name lies a pure blooded Romanian. No wonder he wants to take part „especially for the film”. Whats mamaliga and salata de vinete si de boef? Commonplace, everyday Romanian cuisine…
    Yes, we’re dedicated to creating a great event!
    Thanks, Nesti (sau Nestea, short for Erunestian? 😛 )!

  3. Erunestian spune:

    I request an report, on the 25th of November, to see how this event went.

    My mom’s maiden name was Andras, so maybe I also have some hungarian genes besides my maramures ones. 🙂 I’m proud of those from maramures.

    Speaking about food, there, I’m a bit more cosmopolitan…
    And don’t call me Nestea, call me Schweppes… 😉

  4. Erunestian spune:

    And I have an idea, which you don’t have to take too seriously. If you want to get more traffic to your blog, than do some political posts… 😉 Those ALWAYS create lots of comments. If you also stir a wee bit of controversy, that’s a recipe that guarantees people being very passionate around here…

    Here, just to give a hint. Actually this was my main reason for writing another comment… 😛

    Evangelical Student for Obama


  5. natanm spune:

    Well, Schweppes (how is this short for Erunestian again? 🙂 ), now that you mention it, thanks for the post-ellection campaign material. I have a few comments
    On Matthew Josten:
    – „there’s a lot more to a vote than abortion and gay marriage… being a christian means that we care about the environment, that we care for the poor”
    Can killing human beings and engaging in perverted forms of sexuality that God calls „abomination” (it makes God sick!) outweigh other factors involved in casting a vote as christians? Is the preservation of earth more valuable than the preservation of life on earth?
    – „faith is at the core of who I am, so i cannot separate that from my political views. I find that Barak Obama addresses a lot of the key areas i find in the Bible”
    What kind of a faith does Mr. Josten have that allows him to support a candidate, now president-elect that will allow for the termination of human life and for obscene unions? It certainly isn’t the Christian faith
    On Barack Obama:
    – I am more and more convinced he is an able demagogue with an alarming capacity for tuning his discourse so that particular crowds hear what they want to hear:
    „I let Jesus into my heart…when I submitted myself to His will and I dedicated myself to discovering His truth, and caring out His works… I wont be fulfilling the Lord’s will unless I am doing the Lord’s work”
    Who Is the Jesus he has allowed into his heart and to whose will he submitted himself? Because it certainly isn’t the Jesus Christ, Son of God, to whom the Scriptures bear witness! Without duplicating what I have already mentioned above…there is a disturbing contradiction between the professed faith in Jesus and his will and the support of abortion and gay relations, unions and the like – legalized abominable sins!
    Titus 1:15 – „To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted. THEY CLAIM TO KNOW GOD, BUT BY THEIR ACTIONS THEY DENY HIM. THEY ARE DETESTABLE, DISOBEDIENT AND UNFIT FOR DOING ANYTHING GOOD.” (italics mine)
    Yes, there is much more to a vote than these overused-over-mentioned issues. But could I, as a christian who seeks to be faithful to Christ and His revelation, vote a candidate who I know will promote such abominable things? Can the positive elements in his policy (care for the environment, health care, an overall non-offensive military stance) outweigh killing of human beings and unions that God explicitly declares despicable? I could not, I would not!

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