Arhivele lunare: noiembrie 2008

Romanian Munch and Movie

Aux right? It’s been a while. Indeed it has. I have had time to get back home and spend some quality time with Family, Friends and, most importantly…why dont you guess the third „F” (we love french 😉 )

Below you have the quirky invitation poster to an authentic romanian evenining me and the other two members of the Romanian Trio have planned for next Tuesday at the IBC. Since Irish Baptist College is a veritable multinational environment, with students from Canada, England, Korea, India and, of course, Northern Ireland, the three Romanians thought about throwing somewhat of a Romanian party, that includes a sumptuous 4 course meal followed by a…Russian movie with numerous christian themes and overtones that will prompt fertile discussion on eastern orthodox spirituality in a Romanian context. You are all invited! 🙂

Romanian Munch and Movie

Ia ziceţi, fraţilor, nu vă lasă gura apă?