Maxpectations increase (with UPDATES)

In just a few minutes Apple fans and devotees are about to have the rumors they’ve been hearing these past weeks and more frequently these past days confirmed or invalidated as “the spotlight moves to notebooks”. Jobs is expected to do his smooth job of unveiling new products? new features? in the company’s notebook line. Should I start considering an upgrade? Hmm… Let’s see! For those of you who want to keep close track of what’s happening in Cupertino, check out this link to a live coverage blog!

Will come back to this topic!

Update 1: Here’s the leak picture (confirmed!) of the new MacBook Pro (glass display, 39%larger glass button-less trackpad with virtual buttons and, of course, multitouch, all ports on one side, significantly more powerful graphics (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M AND 9600M GT – „state of the art”), black Air-like keys, magnetic latch, precision aluminum uni-body enclosure etc, 0.95 inches thick (thinnest MBP yet). Prices will be shown soon on the online Apple store.

Brand New MacBook Pro’s

Brand New MacBook Pro’s

Update 2: The Air will come (in late November) with an increased HDD, boosted to 120GB HDD as standard, together with the NVIDIA 9400M

(most significant) Update 3: MacBook’s entry price drops from $1099 to $999 (for the 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo CPU and 2GB of RAM, 160GB), metal enclosure, faster graphics and LED backlight, looks like the MBP, but smaller, called “the next generation MacBook”, with NVIDIA 9400M chipset for 5x better graphics performance.

(final) Update 4: The curtain has been lifted, the veil has come off. No need to go on with bits of information on the new improved MacBook’s here, it’s all there now. But I will return for a personal conclusions and decision post soon. Cheers!


2 gânduri despre „Maxpectations increase (with UPDATES)

  1. Animaliciul19 spune:

    Hai ca incepi sa scrii din ce in ce mai bine u:P

  2. natanm spune:

    Multumesc, Animaliciule! Tocmai la postul anost (pentru cei mai multi dintre cetitori) ti-ai gasit sa ma feliciti? 🙂 Toate cele bune, Natan

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