Who’s cooking, doc’?

I’m told that this new authorial voice is more firm, more articulated, purged of my romanian verbosity.  I’m also told that writing in English through the speech recognition software might land me the „haughty” label. Truth be told, I feel I am finally finding my own voice. And “present continuous“ in „finding” is not a grammatical mistake, as I am still very much in the process of tuning and fine-tuning my „authorial voice”. But leaving all that aside, here’s a food-related „food for thought”…


Was reading through Revelations this morning when i stopped at verse 20 in chapter 3, an all to familiar passage („Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking;  if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you and eat with you, and you with me”). The traditional and almost sacrosanct interpretation of this verse is that Jesus is figuratively standing, waiting and knocking at the  sinner‘s heart’s door, awaiting to enter and lavish him/her with the gift of salvation. Isn’t that the evangelistic call: „Will you invite Jesus into your heart?” (notice the continuity in imagery). In spite of the petite exegetical inaccuracies, i’ll accept such an evangelistic reading of Revelations 3:20. But on a close look, notice that the address is for the „church” in Laodicea, thus for christians who have already „opened their heart’s door”. So if the verse has to do with me as a christian, this sort of a reading, more faithful to the text I dare say, exposes quite a few striking features of Jesus’s discourse.

Entering the metaphorical world, why, for heaven’s sake, is Jesus outside? Why is He waiting for me to open the door, He who – „when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews, came and stood among them and said”  – is obviously not door-bound. How sobering then it is to realise the weighty freedom that God bestows upon His creatures to either reject or receive Him. In some mysterious way, he is bound by my heart’s freedom to remain locked and insensitive to His knocking. This being a devotional text I will not slide towards the deeper stuff concerning the calvinistic-arminian eternal dispute, to the issue of irresistible grace and all of that. Sticking with the imagery at hand, Jesus is outside, patiently and respectfully waiting a response. That being said, what would Jesus comes to do were He allowed inside? Naturally, you’ll expect Him  to swiftly close the door behind him and rush to find the next best and closest thing to a pulpit in your crib, so He can preach on and give you the God-talk. Right? Hmm… wrong! Not that Jesus doesn’t have things to say to you, oh yes He does, and with unmatchable authority, but what He primarily wants is fellowship. He’s knocking at your door because He wants a feast! A feast? You mean eat with Jesus Christ? Stay around the table and chit chat? Oh my, but who’s cooking? What lousy food can I display when Jesus is due to arrive for tea around 7? What sumptuous meal can I prepare for Him? Will grilled salmon with lemon sauce do? Will oysters with white wine sauce do? Will some other extravagant meal entertain His divine taste buds? Can I possibly prepare a culinary feast  for Jesus Christ?…

I say these are amusingly off-tracked and needlessly anxious questions. On the other hand, here’s something radical: When He comes in to eat with us, we aren’t the chefs. Phew… what a relief! Here’s what I propose… If you survey the Gospels, which actually concord with the rest of Scripture, you’ll see that, strange as it may be, God fancies table-fellowship, He likes to prepare food (see Psalm 23:5 – You prepare a table before me; John 21:12-13). He liked His people eating before Him in the Old Testament; He liked “feasts”, occasions in which He would be joyously celebrated. But more importantly, God likes to be enjoyed as a sumptuous meal (see Ps. 34:8 – Taste and see that the Lord is good; Matt. 26:26 – Take and eat this is my body; John 6:50-58). So, returning to the imagery in Revelation 3:20, i suggest that when He’s looking to come into our crib, He Himself is bringing the Food. He Himself IS the food! He himself IS the feast! Now, when was the last time you feasted on and with Jesus? I did this morning, and, believe me, He tastes like nothing else!


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