A return-post from grey and green Belfast

Well, here I am in grey and green Belfast! What?  Who’s writing?  The cruel parent of this almost orphaned blog.  And why is he writing in English?  Isn’t he a “wee” (an excessively and quite randomly adjective used here in Northern Ireland, particularly Belfast area) bit pretentious after only three weeks spent in an English-speaking country? Well, the only way he allowed himself to be persuaded to finally revive  his almost forgotten thin blog was to make use of his clever speech recognition and dictation software, which, naturally, only works with dictations in English. So…this is it!

What a strange feeling  to be blogging again, after such an unpardonably long period of blogo-silence.  This is definitely not the time for ill crafted  and unconvincing apologies.  No, this is a time of unashamed forceful comeback.  I feel energized, inspired, and motivated to keep my readers, as few but nevertheless faithful as they may be, energized, inspired, and motivated.  This may be a language game, but it nevertheless has programmatic value for what I want out of this blog. I want it to be an edifying oasis in the blogosphere, as romantic, fanciful and naïve as that may sound.  I want Gandurarul to be a place for both random an ordered thoughts.  A place for impressions.  A place for clarity and creativity of thought.  A place for northern-irish stories.  A place for fruitful interaction.  A place for images.  A place for good music. But must of all a place that will encourage and engender the formation of “the mind of Christ” in all of us. More on the mind of Christ in a future post. No…for real this time! No more unkept promises. My fiancé, yes, my fiancé, that was a correct reading, Ligia, will hold me to it! More about that also in a not too distant future post 😉

For now, let me recommend Ketil Bronjstad’s album “Grace – John Donne”, a splendid album from the Norwegian composer and arranger with tunes to Johne Donne’s majestic lyrics. Then, as different of a recommendation as it may be, do dig into Chris Tomlin’s new album, Hello Love, particularly “I will rise”, which has been especially edifying for me lately, “God of this city”, “Exalted (Yahweh)” and “All the way my Savior leads me”.
All’s grand!


Un gând despre „A return-post from grey and green Belfast

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